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Outlook rules are set to run on any system automatically to make the system efficient and easy to use. However, when certain changes are made or when some of the files running in the background are corrupt, Outlook Rules not Working issue arises. One of the best possible ways to fix the issue is Resetting the SRS File. Check the instructions below to understand how it is done.

·         Visit the location on your system: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook

·         Rename the existing Outlook.srs file to Outlook.old.srs

·         Restart Outlook. This will create a new and proper SRS file.

Hope this helps you in fixing the issue. If not, feel free to write to us and we are up for the discussion. There are numerous possible solutions to this issue. So, get connected with the experts to find which one works for you.
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Outlook succumbs to various errors and the data file cannot be accessed is one such problem. Generally, a corrupted Outlook profile triggers the Outlook data file cannot be accessed problem. To eliminate the error, you will need to take a few specific steps and some of those are given below.

1.     Firstly, you must find the data file location. Go to the control panel, set the View by to Large icons, click Mail and then click Show profiles. Next, click Properties, select Data files and note the location of the Outlook data file that appears on the screen.

2.    The next step is to create a new profile. Open Control Panel, click Mail, click Show Profiles, click Add and enter the name of the profile and click Ok. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new Outlook profile.